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" I have been working with Jacqueline for more than three years, and I feel honored to be under the guidance and training of someone of her caliber, talent, and expertise. Not only has she helped me improve vocally and technically as a soprano, but she has also given me the confidence to pursue performance opportunities, and given me priceless advice on the many aspects of a singers journey. I would highly reccomend her to other vocalists, whether beginner, intermediate, or professional. "
Allison Malafronte
" I have coached most of my repertoire with Jacqueline and her help is immeasurable. She helped me delve into characterizations and true dramatic impulses while performing my arias.  Jacqueline helped prepare me for auditions and bring a new level of performer out of me.  Her knowledge of acting, movement, and emotion is unmatched.  She is a wonderful singer and teacher with the ability to use drama to enhance vocal technique.  Jacqueline has also coach me vocally , by using her knowledge of the voice and vocal pedagogy to help me fine tune my arias.  I always leave a coaching session with Jacqueline feeling confident and better than ever about an upcoming audition or performance ! "
Katie LaPorta Jesensky
" I have attended several voice Master Classes conducted by Jacqueline Quirk and I am always impressed by her sincere interest in her students and knowledgeable support of their goals. Jacqueline brings a wealth of experience to the learning environment, and can also teach by example through her beautiful voice and fine technique. Jacqueline's commitment to classical music performance has never wavered and is to be admired."
Terri Seborg
"I've had the priviledge of taking voice lessons with Jacqueline Quirk on and off for a few years.  She is easily my favorite voice teacher that I have ever had ( and as a military dependent - I've had more than my fair share due to moving frequently).  She will challenge you, and encourage you.  I could not recommend her any higher!."
Karen Brown
" Aunty Jackie was the best Voice Teacher I have ever had.  She made it so easy to feel comfortable singing in front of her. I learned a great deal every time we met and always left sessions with her feeling accomplished and good about myself.  She was always encouraging and made me feel like the best singer in the world.'
Mary Brister Thomas
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